Ethernet Network Firewall for Security

29-Aug-2011 With configuration by Integrated Automation, the Hirschmann EAGLE20 Firewall can economically add a number of security features to your network. Positioned as a gateway between two network segments, the EAGLE20 limits the traffic between segments according to customised firewall rules.
  • 'Transparent Mode' protection for the 'secure' segment, allowing only traffic that originates from this segment through 'stateful inspection' rules. This mode has the advantage of operating only on Layer 2, so no adjustments to IP addresses are necessary.
  • Secure Service Port. Provide a port for service engineers that restricts their access to predefined devices. Through the EAGLE20's multiple firewall set feature, the service engineer enacts the correct access by his unique logon.
  • Customisable firewall to control precisely the traffic passing through the EAGLE20 gateway based on MAC or IP address, TCP/UDP Port or Protocol.
  • Layer 3 Routing to connect two different LAN subnets, typically joining the production network to the corporate network.
  • IPsec VPN for secure transmission over insecure media, providing remote access with confidence, either from another EAGLE20, or a VPN Client.
  • Denial of Service protection - contain broadcast storms and SYN floods that could otherwise cripple the network.
  • Just need a 2 port router to connect two networks? Turn the router on and the firewall off! (Please note the remaining security limitation that on the secure side, router configuration can only take place from within its own network).
Network Security Firewall - Hirschmann EAGLE20 from Integrated Automation Pty Ltd

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