Project Electrical Services

Project Management


From large-scale plants to small marshalling cabinets, Integrated Automation will support your requirements to get the job done. At any or all stages - specification, design, procurement or construction.



With extensive electrical, instrumentation and control system design experience in a wide range of process industries, we have the people to design a solution for your needs.



Preparation of tender documents and specifications for MCCs, field electrical installation and instrumentation. We can assist from the conception stage, through to the tender issue and assessment.

Site Supervision


We provide on-site supervision of electrical installation, testing and commissioning, ensuring AS3000 standards and specifications are followed.

Energy Management


Through our specialist Energy Efficiency Solutions Division - Enresco - we can provide energy management services and systems to make energy usage and patterns visible. This can be done through standalone web-based systems, or by integration with your existing SCADA and reporting systems.

Accurately measuring your energy (Electricity, Heat, Fuel) usage at a machine or production cell level is the first step in managing energy costs, achieving compliance with legislative requirements (both existing and proposed), and participation in the carbon economy.

Wired for Safety


The Occupational Health & Safety Act (1985) requires a safe work environment and equipment - irrespective of age or origin.

We can provide engineering solutions that will reduce the hazard and enable our clients to comply with AS4024-1 and Occupational health & Safety Act (1985) Code of Practice for Plant.

Machine Safety Guarding


Machine Safety Guarding

Our services include safety reviews, hazard analysis, reports recommending the most appropriate action to eliminate, reduce or control hazards, conceptual and details design and implementation of safety related control systems.

We can supply all documentation necessary for compliance with regulations and Australian standards.

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