Industrial Ethernet Network Training

You can take an ethernet switch out of the box and it works straight away, that doesn't mean however your network is going to behave under all circumstances. To prepare your network for expected and foreseeable situations, the network engineer requires an understanding beyond the 'plug and play' approach.
Our courses are designed to take the complexity out of network configuration, but to ensure engineers, technicians and electricians have the understanding and skills to design, configure and trouble-shoot their ethernet networks.

Integrated Automation offers a range of standard and customised training courses that start with the basics of network behaviour, and cover the areas of interest, whether that is fundamentals of ethernet, device configuration, troubleshooting, network design, advanced network features or network trouble-shooting.

Gain Practical Skills

Courses are hands-on, providing realistic exercises to provide skills rather than just knowledge. Informal quizzes are used throughout each session to summarise key points, and an exam at the end of the course is used to reinforce learning.

While the exercises are carried out on Hirschmann switches, the network principles are applicable to any vendor’s equipment. Courses suit engineers, technicians and site electricians responsible for network specification, design, configuration, maintenance and diagnosis.

Answers the Common Questions

The questions that always arise will be addressed: the difference between a hub and a switch, where do I need a managed switch and where will an unmanaged switch do? I have a router at home, do I need one for my PLC network? Where should I use VLANs? Is my network compatible with EtherNet/IP?
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