Automation Consulting Services

Manufacturing Executions Systems

Now part of the global ATS Applied Tech Systems, we bring the world's foremost authority in MES / MOM (Manufacturing Executions Systems / Manufacturing Operations Management) to Australian manufacturers. As a member of MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association), we have international credibility and numerous reference sites in food & beverage, aerospace & defence, automotive and life sciences. Let us bring this gloabl expertise to assist your manufacturing business by identifying the opportunities for improvements to yield, downtime, cycle times, logistics and returns. Our capabilities extend to:

We have a number of software tools to select from - both our own products Like ATS Inspect and ATS Intelligence, and from other vendors like Siemens and Inductive Automation to cover the whole spectrum of large to small manufacturers.

Call 1800 468 288 for a free discussion about how your business can be best placed to meet the challenges facing all Australian manufacturers.

Importing Machines? Industrial Automation Machines

We regularly see imported machines with the following issues:

Before you commit to purchase ANY machine, if you don't have the time to specify it tightly enough, (or you don't have site standards available to define requirements), engage us to look after ensuring the machine meets Australian standards, will integrated with your line, and is maintainable from a point of view of trouble-shooting, spares availability and software modifications. Our unique work in the area of S.88 and PackML has developed a high level of capability in the cost-effective development of reliable and robust machine integration projects. Further, our batch process expertise provides not only highly flexible recipe management systems, but fast to commission, getting new plant operational at full speed much more quickly than traditional techniques.

Pre-Project Consultation

Before embarking on a project (of any size), it is wise to spend the time to specify the requirements and consider a range of approaches. When your responsibilities are plant focused however, it is not easy to keep abreast of best practice. This is where Integrated Automation can help.

We see it as our responsibility to be well-read; to maintain our expertise by continually updating our knowledge of the current products and practices that provide best value solutions for your capital. Being vendor independent, we are able to provide impartial advice that selects from a range of suppliers - you won't ever find a large vendor recommending his competitor's product, even if it is a better fit for your application! Our expert consultants don't have these conflicts!

Speak to us before your project gets underway for a complimentary discussion with an automation and manufacturing expert.


Whether you are in manufacturing, ultilities, mining or transport, our automation consultants can take your brief and provide expert, independent advice about automation platform product, structure and connectivity. We have particularly strong experience in the following areas:

Call us on 1800 468 288 and ask for an Automation Consultant. We will come to meet with you at no charge to discuss how we can assist the development of an automation development specification for any size project.