Secomea Secure Remote Access - M2M Connectivity

Secomea provide complete solutions for the industrial automation industry for secure and easy remote access to PLCs, HMIs and other automation equipment.
Secomea - Secure Communication Made Easy for the M2M world.

Secomea - Secure Remote Access from Daanet

Using secure web protocols for encryption and authentication, the Secomea solution accesses the web via standard TCP ports, so does not require any modifications to firewalls or network access rules. Further, by initiating the connection from the destination end, firewall stateful inspection rules are not invoked.

What Makes the Secomea Solution different to VPN, RDP, pcAnywhere or other hardware solutions?

In a word, Secomea have made secure remote access EASY.

This short presentation explains everything.....

Note: In Australia and New Zealand, the Secomea GateManager service attracts a small annual service charge.

Who uses Secomea for secure M2M remote access?

Three components build Secure Remote Access

1. SiteManager

Secomea SiteManager

A DIN rail mountable hardware Secomea 'SiteManager' unit is placed at the factory, and connects your equipment securely to the Internet.

No need for additional open firewall ports, SiteManager uses commonly available port 80 (http)
No need for fixed IP addresses, DynDNS or other 3rd party components
No need for involving the IT department
No need for local configuration
All models feature ethernet uplink, device serial ports, Digital IO and EasyTunnel™ VPN.
Site personnel retain the ability to physically disconnect the unit to dictate when access is provided.

The concise range of SiteManager models allows you to choose between 1 or 4 device ports, USB uplink port for external modem, 4G/3G/GPRS modem and the number of site devices to which access is required. Refer to the SiteManager Selection Guide for detailed information.

Now Available - Starter Packs at a great price 

2. LinkManagerSecomea LinkManager

A Windows software client is run on your PC, and this connects you directly to the equipment at the factory via the cloud gateway. 

No configuration needed - LinkManager is really
No conflicts with other communication clients
Supports both 32 and 64 bit Windows
Uses customisable tree structure to display all global devices to which authorised access has been granted.

Select a connection to the desired site device, then your programming software (Step7, RSLogix, UnityPro, etc) will now see the equipment as if it were locally connected.  

Now Available - LinkManager Mobile for smartphones and tablets.  

What makes this connection so secure yet so simple?

3. GateManager

A central data exchange, hosted by Daanet, Secomea or the Customer, links end-to-end encrypted tunnels between an internet connected user and the remote machine or network. Here is where all LinkManager accounts and equipment are controlled and organised by an administrator.

Automatic configuration backup Secomea GateManager from Daanet
Logging of all access
Email/SMS alerts
The end-to-end connection ensures no eaves-dropping on your data is possible
Complete user account control - when staff leave their access is simply deactivated by the Administrator.

Now Available - Privately Hosted GateManager  

The Secomea solution is unique in the world of M2M communications, providing two-factor security for complete control over site access directly to the PLC, HMI or other network hosts.
Not just another VPN, Secomea provides easy to use granular remote access with the highest confidence.

Integrated Automation use and recommend this product, and would be pleased to provide a quotation for supply and implementation. 


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